Matteo Tarantino born in Alessandria 6 march 1980.

With strong passion for music of his father Paul, well known and respected singer and leader of an homonymous orchestra, begins his musical studies very young then, 15 years old, enroll in a course of piano and keyboards at the Academy Instrumental Alexandria. His love for music led him quickly to his first experience in public, which takes place in 1998 on the bandstand “Raffaella Platinum”, where, joined as keyboardist, he finds himself one evening with a replacement lead singer training … and so began the career of Matthew, almost by accident!

Coming immediately proposals from various local bands, and one of those will become the orchestra in 2001, “Matthew and the band.” The enthusiasm of the young artist and lots of support from once obtained, leading quickly to Matthew what will be the turning point in his career: in 2003, is in fact chosen by the master Bagutti as lead vocalist of his prestigious education. For Matthew, the realization of a dream. Ever, would be expected to succeed so young to go into an orchestra so noble, that he had always been a point of reference. The next five years represent the rise of professional Matteo: it imposes the general public and enrich his art with a long series of concerts throughout Italy. Alongside the master Bagutti also participates in numerous events on television RAI and Mediaset, including “before and after Naples, in 2005, held in Naples and just broadcast on Raidue, and” The circus for the summer ” summer 2006, broadcast by Emanuela Folliero aired every Sunday in prime time on Rete 4. In recent years, Matthew has also performed as lead vocalist Bagutti Orchestra albums, including the “diamond” “We were in 19.” The title track, in fact, thanks to the interpretation of Matthew, immediately wins the audience’s heart and gives great satisfaction to and Matteo Franco Bagutti, beating any previous record sales (over 100,000 copies in less than a year), and quickly becoming the most performed song in the world of dance music and beyond. On October 4, in fact, Matthew has performed with the Orchestra Bagutti Auditorium in Rome ahead of many authorities and representatives of all bodies of the Italian Army: the song “We were in 19” is awarded the “Bravo”.

In early 2008, Matthew decided by agreement with Franco to take his own personal career, while maintaining cooperation with the Organization to Bagutti Trecentosessantagradi and giving, and life to his first album, “My voice.”